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What Do I Do?

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People call me a mid-life mentor. I work on achieving fulfillment for those who have reached a point in their lives where they have what they thought would make them happy, but realise they are capable of so much more. There is something missing. Often this is because they aren't living their true purpose, the reason they came here this time around.

People come to me for deep past life regression work to identify their soul's calling and find the courage to step out and share their gift with the world. This can involve healing relationships, finding the courage to change career, understanding health issues or dealing with fears or phobias. I help them to understand themselves more deeply and remove blocks that are inhibiting personal growth. and abundance in order to find self-love.

I also do future life progression to help with understanding what changes have appeared in future lives. This can enable clarity on what needs to be done differently in this life in order to achieve future goals on a spiritual journey or just to realise that stressing about achievement is unnecessary because the outcome is complete.


How Do I Do It?

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner/Coach and Author who specialises in Past Life Regression. I facilitate my clients to discover who they have been before to understand who they are now and why they are here. By observing past experiences during hypnosis, particularly those that were traumatic, it is possible to heal from them, let them go and move forward. This can also enable people to understand their life purpose in this incarnation so they can achieve the outcomes they were born to accomplish. I use a variety of tools and techniques to provide ongoing success in becoming a more confident and empowered individual.


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Why Do I Do It?

The mind is powerful. We store every memory and experience in our subconscious, along with all of our beliefs. These create a model of how we perceive our own individual world. Everyone sees their world differently, depending on many factors including upbringing, socio-economic circumstances, family values, relationships, geographical home, personal interests and skills plus a range of other criteria. When something happens to us which does not fit into our "perfect model" then life can become challenging in this area. We develop certain coping mechanisms which are not always healthy. It can become difficult for us to know how to overcome our adversity because we are unable to see beyond our beliefs. Add to this the fact that these experiences could have started in a past life and it’s no wonder that other healing modalities don’t help. We need to access the source of our problems – the subconscious, in order to effect real change and turn those negative experiences into positive beliefs.


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A Little Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Sue McLachlan. My calling began with more than 15 years in the travel industry where I became fascinated with the diversity of cultures, their history and different lifestyles around the world. I then moved into publishing where I worked as a sub-editor, proof reader and author in a variety of magazines. These included a parenting publication, spiritual magazine and a local resource for the residents of Brisbane’s river suburbs. The large cross-section of topics and people I came into contact with set me up to question more about life, particularly after witnessing the hardship and resilience of those who lost everything in the 2011 Brisbane floods. This, combined with my own personal challenges of divorce and struggle as a single parent, sent me on my own journey of self discovery.

I explored many healing modalities, did the work and successfully came out the other side. This inspired me to help others overcome similar challenges. I became fascinated with the subconscious mind because I understood that not all problems originate in this life. Past life regression had always fascinated me so after becoming a certified hypnotherapist I travelled to New York to complete my training with Dr Brian Weiss, the eminent and respected psychiatrist who has been leading the way in this technique for over 35 years.

This was the defining moment for me when I knew I had truly found my purpose. I am now 100% committed to sharing my knowledge and skills to help others who have been thrown a curve ball, or are just stuck, to move on to the life they were born to live.