Are You Ready to Forgive?

In our journey of self-improvement, probably the hardest thing to come to terms with, and recover from, is being hurt by a loved one. When someone close to us inflicts emotional pain, or indeed physical pain, it is difficult to forgive. Instead we tend to look for ways of retaliating to “right the wrongs”, however, this is a mistake and only makes us feel worse. When we suffer a negative emotion such as anger, hurt or jealousy the person who suffers the most is us. These feelings eat away at our insides and even if we express these feelings to the offending party, they will never feel as injured as we do whilst we allow these emotions to affect us negatively.

I’m sure there have been times in your life when you have allowed other people to bring you down, and you have successfully carried out an act of revenge to compensate. However, did it really make you feel better? As they say two wrongs don’t make a right.

Instead of allowing the behaviour of others to affect you in this way, I would like to offer a different viewpoint on what is actually happening. People lash out when they feel they have been treated unfairly or without respect. However, as human beings we are a complicated race and what is inappropriate to one person, may be acceptable to another in terms of what is and isn’t fair. Without stopping to consider the way the other person views the world, it’s easy to do the wrong thing by them. Of course a lack of understanding in those closest to you arises from lack of communication. Learn to understand how their mind processes experiences.

I would also like you to consider that there is an underlying karmic situation being addressed – which could come from a source way out of your scope of consciousness. Adversity usually brings a lesson which I know can be annoying. It seems like we are constantly having to learn and wouldn’t it be great if we could just have a lesson-free month? However, instead of lashing out at the perpetrators of your unhappiness, think about how you have chosen these people to share your life with, long before you were born. The people closest to you are generally in your soul group. They have agreed to come into your life this time around to help you with something. If that help is related to learning how to cope with a negative experience, then perhaps you should actually be thanking them. They could have learned the very lesson you are being taught to deal with, because you have done the same thing to them in a past life. So next time someone you love hurts you, find it in your heart to forgive, because they may be subconsciously sacrificing their relationship with you, a soul partner, so that you can learn and move through a block to become a more evolved spiritual being.