Where Do Fears and Phobias Come From?

Everyone has suffered from one – to some degree. It may be a fear of snakes or spiders, heights, confined spaces, flying, storms, public speaking. These are just a few of the more common ones but there are actually hundreds of documented phobias, some quite extraordinary, anything from fear of mirrors (catoptrophobia)  to fear of belly buttons (omphalophobia) to fear of being buried alive (taphophobia). Have you ever wondered where these unusual phobias come from?

A phobia is defined as “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something” rather than just a dislike. People with a phobia will go out of their way to avoid these situations which, depending on what that is, can be rather debilitating to their ability to lead a normal life.

Some phobias can be traced back to a childhood event. My daughter was playing with the leaves of a palm tree when she was about eight years old. As she stripped off a loose frond she was showered in a horde of around 50 baby cockroaches which had been happily residing in the tree. That was a very traumatic experience for her as a young child, and naturally she went on to have a fear of creepy crawlies (especially cockroaches). That is perfectly understandable. However, some people have no such experience to trace their phobia back to.

I have worked with many people suffering different kinds of phobias and we can often isolate the source from a past life experience. Did you know that these can be treated quite easily just by remembering the event, and the good news is, without having to re-experience the trauma. Take my last example above. Do you think having a fear of being buried alive is something you could just pick up in this lifetime? One client who comes to mind was buried alive in a mining quarry when there was a cave in. He was suffering from claustrophobia and anxiety. When he tried to regress, the memory was initially too traumatic for him so he didn’t see anything. However, he admitted that he had suffered with nightmares about being buried alive. Sometimes when we have something traumatic affecting us, our subconscious tries to get through to us in dreams to communicate the message.  This man wanted his nightmares to stop and wanted to feel confident in any situation so he persevered with past life regression. When he was finally able to observe this event from a distance during a regression, he was able to move on from it by agreeing under hypnosis to acknowledge it, let it go and not allow that memory to affect his current life. He is now free of his claustrophobia and is a much happier man today.

Think about some of the events in past times that could explain many of today’s phobias and it’s not so surprising. If we pass on from those lives and allow these traumatic experiences to stay with us, then we can be held back. The mind is a powerful tool and contains so many memories we don’t have access to (sometimes for our own protection), but with a little bit of assistance, can be brought into our consciousness and healed.