Embrace Your Birthdays

I was wondering today at what point did we stop being excited about our birthdays? Remember when you were a kid and you used to count the days leading up to it, and the night before you couldn’t sleep? Back then it was probably all about the presents, party, cake and blowing out the candles. But I still think it’s one of those times when it’s worth seeking out your inner child and recreating that feeling.

I have a friend who is depressed because she’s turning 30. That was a while ago for me but I remember being quite excited about moving into a new decade and feeling like I was more grown up and realising that perhaps I would be taken more seriously. As a twenty something people didn’t seem to think I had enough life experience to give opinions on many issues. I know many people struggle with the milestone birthdays but I think it is something to be proud of. Sadly there are many people who don’t make it to these birthdays, so I believe every day is a gift that should be cherished.

As you get older celebrating a birthday should be about honouring that you have made it through another year, and an opportunity to remind you of just how much you’ve grown as a person. Even if you’ve had a challenging year, there are aspects of these challenges that are going to have made you stronger, although it may take a while to realise it. Be proud of your achievements and acknowledge your mistakes as lessons.

Knowing what I do from witnessing the past lives of my clients, every experience is just part of a much bigger picture. We only get to see one frame at a time of our overall personal movie that plays out over centuries. Looking back over this lifetime, and indeed others as well, you can piece together the reasons for everything that has happened. It is all leading us in the direction we need to go, so don’t fight it. Embrace it. You are an amazing soul who has chosen to experience something unique and every day you are here allows you the opportunity to live your dream.

So age gracefully and be thankful for all your opportunities. You’re not necessarily at your peak when you’re young, contrary to popular belief; sometimes you are at your greatest when you reach old age. So go ahead, next time you have a birthday, be excited! You're never too old to do something crazy for your birthday. Celebrate your life and your achievements while you can and keep baking cakes. Life’s too precious to deny yourself chocolate and candles!