Do You Have a Dream?

People say “life’s too short to waste it doing something you don’t want to do”. I agree with this, only I obviously believe that we don’t have just one life. I think we only have our current life once and this is our chance to fulfil our life purpose and learn the lessons we chose this time around. By not doing what your heart desires, you are possibly turning your back on the very thing you are here to do. What this means for you is that if you don’t achieve your life purpose you potentially get to do it all over again next time around, until you learn. So it’s worth taking a risk and following your heart if you don’t want to be stuck in a pattern that repeats lifetime after lifetime and stunts your spiritual evolution.

 If you commit to something 100 percent, magic happens. Suddenly opportunities present themselves. People show up when you least expect it - important people who are there to help in your journey of life. It just requires a solid dose of trust, which I understand can be difficult. I’ve been there myself. I struggled as a single mum worried about how I was going to survive raising three kids virtually on my own. Then one day someone told me to stop worrying and asked if there had ever been a time when I couldn’t pay a bill or feed my kids. I realised that no matter how tough things seemed to be, the money I needed always came from somewhere at the right time. Usually out of the blue from sources I would never have expected. Was this a coincidence? I think not. From that time onwards I decided to stop panicking and living in fear, instead trusting and believing wholeheartedly that everything was happening the way it should.

There is a master plan and I think if you follow your instincts and take the ego out of it, you will make the right decisions. If you’re following your true path, the Universe will always provide you with what you need. When you try to fight against the natural flow of life by doing something that is not congruent with your values and true nature, obstacles will appear all around you and make it nearly impossible. So my advice to you is stop fighting and start living.

Those years of struggle taught me so much and I wouldn’t be here writing this if I hadn’t had that experience. Even though I resented my circumstances at the time, I am grateful now and proud of how strong I became, which is why I feel qualified to help others. Honour yourself. Love yourself first and this will show you how to love others and have them love you. Self esteem and confidence are a magnet and qualities that exist in the successful people of this world. When I say successful, I’m not talking about the high flying businessmen and women who are earning big money by manipulating other people. I’m talking about those who have a worthwhile dream and go after it. Those who believe they can do something (perhaps against the odds), follow through on it and positively impact other people in their quest for personal achievement. The world is changing and there will no longer be room for businesses that thrive on commercial greed. The businesses of the future and their leaders will excel by having heart and will not profit from destroying lives or communities or our beautiful planet.

If you are drawn to a career that you think isn't going to sustain you, look into your heart. The answers are all inside. You are here for a reason and it’s time to stand up and go after your dream. Do not let anyone else tell you it’s impossible. We need more heart-based people in this world to make a difference and I believe that it can be done, and it will be done. Never think that a creative pursuit should just be a hobby because creativity is necessary for change. Those who can think and work creatively are capable of making a huge impact on society. Look back through history at some of the life-changing inventors and thought leaders. They had an idea, often radical and out of the realm of other people’s imagination, but they never gave up despite the persecution. Who knows, you may be the reincarnation of one of them.

Today is a good day to start taking charge. There will never be a good time to make a significant change so please bite the bullet and get going. If your nagging internal desires are making you restless, there’s a reason for that. Chances are you’re already qualified and have plenty of previous experience at whatever it is you're drawn to. You just don’t realise it yet. You could honestly be the next big change that everyone’s waiting for.