Love Is Timeless

Although I consider Valentine’s Day to be rather a commercial occasion, I do like the way it reminds people to focus on love. It seems there is too much exposure given to the ugly things going on in the world, and not enough time devoted to the heart-warming stories out there. I do enjoy seeing all the romantic gestures that take place all around me on February 14th. Have you noticed that when people show this more sensitive side of themselves to others, that it appears to be contagious?

There is no reason why every day shouldn’t feel like Valentine’s Day. Love is something so special but too often taken for granted. If you don’t have someone special in your life to love romantically, it feels like everybody else around you does and you yearn to complete yourself by finding your other half. When you do have someone, too often you’re not appreciating how important they are to you. The everyday stresses of life can get in the way and often people find it hard to just be with their significant other appreciating what they have. Issues with work, children, family, money, illness start to interfere and leave you wondering why your relationship isn’t what it used to be. The priorities become messed up.

Love is a timeless thing and just like a garden, requires cultivation. Often your life partner has taken the journey with you through many lifetimes, always supporting and always loving you. There would have been many times when you have lost them, grieved for that loss but deep down buried in your subconscious you knew that one day in another place and another time, you would be reunited. When they show up you recognise them and continue your journey. However, even the closest of soul mates need to be mindful of keeping their love alive. It is all part of the soul’s journey and personal growth that comes from learning the lessons from times that are not so easy.

If you are lucky enough to have found your true romantic soul mate then don’t allow any outside forces to destroy that. Love really does conquer all. It is the most important thing there is, and the number one thing that I’ve found most people want in life. In fact, to me the measure of success in life is how much you have loved. It is not about your status in the community or how much money you’ve accumulated. It is as simple as how much you have loved.

So Valentine’s Day is over for another year, but we don’t really need an excuse to spread love. And not just love to a romantic partner. Everyone needs love. Children, other family members, work colleagues, friends, pets, in fact every living being, so let’s make it our mission to open our hearts and give what we can to others, especially those who are struggling. It could be a smile, a thoughtful gesture or something much more significant. It really does make a difference. And don’t forget about yourself. If you love yourself unconditionally, you give everyone else permission to love themselves too. If you want to change the world, change yourself.