Trust Yourself

We are all on a life path that was determined before we were born. We are not always aware of where that path will lead or if we’re even heading in the right direction. But one thing’s for sure. If you’re on the right one, things will fall into place easily. If you’re on the wrong one, then many things will happen to convince you that you’re not making the right decisions.  If you are experiencing harmful or catastrophic events in your life with regard to business or relationships, then let them go. This is the universe trying to tell you that you need to change direction.

This is different from the normal pitfalls which come with daily life. The things that are annoying and can sometimes make you feel like giving up. The difference is that you still have the underlying passion and knowingness that you’re doing the right thing, whether it be a job, a business, a partner or a friend. These types of experiences are really just lessons, ways to encourage you to learn more about your own capabilities, to grow and improve.

An important thing to remember is that you are your own person. Do not let other people take away your power. You are the only one who knows what’s good for you and what you should be doing. Sometimes we meet people who try to give well meaning advice. This could be because they are seeking to find a sense of importance or worth in themselves. It could be because they are not prepared to understand that vulnerability is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have someone in your life who is trying to change you from who you are into someone that better suits their needs, this is a red flag situation. You need to take control, even if you’re feeling so disillusioned with your life that their help seems welcome. If you feel in your gut that their intentions are just self-serving then have the strength and courage to politely decline whatever it is they are offering. I guarantee you that if you listen to your inner voice, you will succeed. Believe in yourself, live your life with conviction and others will be knocking down your door to be around you, learning what they can from your wisdom.

We only get one chance at this lifetime and we’ve chosen what it is we have to do, so don’t get stuck. Follow your heart, embrace and learn from your mistakes, recognise and honour the people who are genuinely there to help you on your journey. Be discerning about who you allow to share in your dreams. You have chosen these people as well long before you were born. Make sure that when you leave this life, you have achieved what you know in your heart was your reason for living, so that next life you can move up to a new phase in your spiritual development.