Your Money Mindset

What is your relationship with money? Does it make you feel safe when you have it, does it bring you happiness, does it make you feel powerful, do you like to hoard it for a rainy day? Does a lack of it send you into bouts of depression and struggle?

One thing is certain, no matter how you feel about it, we all need it to survive.  There is so much focus on it that many see it as being evil and disruptive. That it somehow changes personalities and brings out the bad side in the people who have a lot of it. At the end of the day money itself is just energy. How we feel about it and use it is what gives it the reputation.

We are all taught to get an education, work hard and save for the things we want. Some end up becoming affluent while others don’t. Have you ever stopped to consider that those who struggle with earning enough money are not necessarily any less intelligent or capable than those who seem to do it easily? Perhaps they are not quite as driven to be a high achiever, but I believe everyone is capable of attracting the abundance they deserve. So why is it there are so many people who sabotage their ability to find financially security?

The answer is in the subconscious. We don’t realise it consciously but we can create money blocks that tell us “money is the root of all evil”, probably instilled at an early age by our parents, teachers, or other key people in our lives. It is not intentional but can you ever remember being told “money doesn’t grow on trees” if you asked for something, or “that costs too much, you don’t need it”? 

Where they were probably just trying to teach us not to be wasteful, in fact we received a different message, that on some level we were undeserving. We may even have overheard our parents worrying about how to pay for something or comparing costs when buying something. All of these types of events become ingrained in our thinking to the point that we may believe we can’t have what we want. That somehow it’s greedy and wrong to have a lot of money.

Also consider that these blocks could have come from even further back, from a previous life. Many of my clients find they have lived in poverty in past lives, and while that may have been a lesson for them at the time, they never let go of that mindset. It also used to be common for people to set poverty vows which can then be carried into subsequent lifetimes unless something breaks them.

The good news is that you can fix all of this. Past life regression can help to recognise where this poverty mindset comes from. Before this process it is helpful to write down all the negative comments you remember about money from your childhood, and events where there was some kind of money issue, particularly those that still cause you to have an emotional response or bad feeling somewhere in your body. We can then work on clearing away these blocks from the subconscious through varying techniques so they do not continue to sabotage your prosperity.

What is your money mindset?