Why Visit a Sacred Site


Research has shown that there is a definite trend away from taking annual vacations to do nothing but lie on a beach and relax while sipping cocktails. While there’s nothing wrong with this, increasingly as people awaken and become more aware of the natural world, there is a stronger desire to enrich the soul by visiting sacred sites. 

There are many energetically powerful places around the world that offer spiritual experiences and religious pilgrimages which help visitors to find more meaning in their lives. For example, many sacred shrines and temples hold healing energies because they are visited by thousands of people who use them for meditation and prayer, and have also been visited and blessed by saints and holy people. It is common to hear of miracles occurring at such sites.

Nature itself provides an abundance of healing energies and vortexes in certain destinations, many of which are well known. Mysteries surround places like Sedona in the USA, Lake Titicaca in Peru, Mt Kailash in Tibet and Uluru in Australia, to name a few. The extraordinary energies that exist in these places can lead to highly significant experiences for an individual who becomes aligned with their energies, with many life-changing results having been reported. They bring heaven and earth closer together and visiting them offers an easier way to connect with the inner self.

However, any place can offer an allure because of a specific personal attraction. This could be because of a known ancestral or past life experience there or just something about it that draws a person’s attention for no obvious reason. We all have unconscious memories, so the places we develop a desire to visit can be quite outside of our awareness, we just know the pull is strong. 

You don’t have to walk the Camino to have a personal pilgrimage (although I can recommend this, having done it myself). It’s just a matter of visiting somewhere that has a personal significance for you, and you can have that life-changing experience by just following your own intuition.

The important thing is that you go to where you are drawn, you connect with the higher consciousness of this physical place, and draw from it the wisdom and energy that it offers. Travelling to a sacred site is a special experience and guaranteed to provide a deeper insight into your spiritual purpose and offer the peace and fulfillment we all crave.