Who Loves Travelling?



As you live your life you’re writing a story. The people you connect with become characters within this story and the places you visit are the scenes. Travelling opens us up to a wealth of valuable experiences. We get to learn about new cultures, be awestruck by the beauty of different landscapes, do things you may never have tried before and taste new cuisines. There is nothing like the spirit of adventure to inspire and enrich your soul. To me travelling is expansive for the mind, opening you up to understand the way different people live, and the more different that is from your own life, the better. We are a diverse planet of people and places and there is so much to explore. 

I’ve travelled all over the world and it has become my number one value. It fact it seems that most people have a bucket list. I feel so grateful to have had the experiences I’ve had and they’re not over yet! I believe that more and more people are seeking meaningful journeys, pilgrimages and visits to destinations that uplift and offer more than just shopping, eating and sightseeing. 

Over the past few years I have made a point of visiting places that I’ve been connected with in past lives. This can happen spontaneously as it did the first time I landed in London and burst into tears, with an overwhelming feeling of coming home. I was only 19 then. Or it can be more deliberate such as when I visited the parks and canyons of the US seeking my native American roots and visiting Salem where I’d had a life during the witch trials. The emotional reaction to that journey left me in no doubt that I was remembering something very real.

There are many energetically powerful places in the world to visit, even if they are only significant to you, and I urge you to enrich your life by delving deep into new experiences and cultures. It really helps to put things into perspective, not to mention that spending time away from the stresses of your daily life allows you to relax and open you up to new possibilities. Most of my goals and decisions on what to do next in my life have manifested after some kind of travel experience. This doesn’t have to be a complicated overseas trip. Have a look in your own backyard and you will see that possibilities for a magical adventure are right there, particularly in Australia where there are so many hidden gems of beauty and empowerment to be discovered.

How are you going to add to your story? I’d love to know where in the world your soul is calling you to visit.