Your Authentic Self


We spend so much time doing and not just being.

I grew up being taught you had to work hard if you want to make it in this world. So I basically found the career path my parents suggested for me. I looked up to and respected them so it didn’t occur to me to question their choices. They always had the best intentions for me, and why wouldn’t they? They were loving parents.

This was the 70’s and choices for females are not what they are today. There were only a few career paths you could take and I actually thought I was really grateful landing a job in the travel industry (taking after my parents).

Don’t get me wrong. That was an amazing time in my life and was what gave me the ability and desire to travel the world when I was young. To be truthful, I only stopped doing travelling to have a family, but now they’ve grown up all I want to do is continue that journey.

I had other jobs as well but nothing that ever really lit the fire inside me. I became conditioned to doing whatever I could to make ends meet, and if it wasn’t perfect, I guess I believed I was doing the best I could with what I knew. It didn’t occur to me back then, like it does now, to think outside the box – take different paths of action.

This was exhausting especially after I became a single mum of three kids. I felt guilty if I wasn’t doing something all the time towards earning a living, cooking, cleaning, ensuring my kids were happy and doing what they loved, satisfying everything and everyone else except for me.

Then I woke up.

I decided it was time to nurture myself a little, hence I started to take on activities that fed my soul, got myself into networks of like-minded people who encouraged me to play a bigger game in life and more importantly to find that thing that feeds my soul.

I’m so grateful for everybody who has come and gone in my life, the ones who are still with me and for every experience, good and bad, that I’ve ever had.

I am living my truth now and I’ve let go of expectations of how situations have to go, and just allowing and trusting that I’ll be looked after if I am just my authentic self, living the way I intended when I was born into this world.

There really is no other way to be, so if you’re finding yourself doing too much, thinking too much, worrying too much, just slow down and simply be in your heart and watch the magic that is the inner you unfold.