Why The Lessons?


Do you ever wish for a lesson-free month? Just one month where everything goes smoothly. You’re not putting out fires at work, struggling with health or finances, having relationship conflicts. I know I do, even though I know better. I get it – struggle isn’t easy.

When we are born we choose the type of life we want and the lessons we want to learn. People say to me “why would I choose this for myself?” The answer I give is that a life on earth offers the greatest opportunities for growth. So the more advanced we become, we choose lives that are going to challenge us and help us progress faster through our spiritual journey.

I realised the other day that although plenty of really positive things have happened for me this year, there have also been some really negative challenges as well. This is the balance of life. We have to experience both sides. The best way to get through those challenging times is to look for the lesson and learn from it. I know it’s hard when things aren’t going to plan to remain positive and focused, but you just need to remember that everything that happens to us is part of a plan. We just can’t see the whole picture yet.

You know how you look at your life sometimes and think about how you overcame some stressful situation which was devastating at the time, but now seems almost like a blessing because it created a different mindset or led you down an unexpected and more fulfilling path. There are no accidents. Embrace the bad times and be grateful for the good times. That’s all you can do.

Don’t put up a fight. Accept the challenges and overcome them. You know they won’t be so bad once they’re over, so use the opportunity to have an experience that will teach you something valuable or make you a better person. If you learn the lesson they are there to teach, then you won’t have to continue going through these problems. If you ignore the learnings, unfortunately you will get more of the same until you change something.

Remember, all the answers are within, so if you really want to understand why something is happening to you, go inside, access your higher self and have a deep and meaningful conversation. You’ll be surprised at what you could find out. And you’ll realise that you should never give up because you’re not given something to overcome that you’re not ready for.