Own Your Weirdness


Are you experiencing feelings of doubt about who you really are? You’ve reached a point in your life when you thought you should have it all figured out, but you’re feeling unfulfilled because you know there must be more. But you don’t know what it is. Or maybe you do but you’re afraid of it.

 In other words you are waking up!

 This can have you feeling like you’re going crazy because suddenly your family and friends don’t understand you. Conversations with them result in frustration because you want to have deep and meaningful interactions, but everything is surface level. They’re talking about sports, the weather, the latest movie they watched, gossiping about other people while you sit there wondering how you ever found them interesting.

 This usually follows a period of inner exploration on what your true purpose really is in this lifetime. You may have discovered aspects of yourself that you didn’t realise existed, you may be finally acknowledging talents and gifts that you’d suppressed thinking they wouldn’t be accepted. You have a new path to follow but struggle to feel like you fit in anywhere.

 The trouble is that you’re afraid. Stepping outside the mainstream is scary because you don’t know what’s on the other side. A thousand doubts flood your mind, anything from “will I be able to support myself if I take on a new venture?” to “what if I lose all my friends?” to “is this real or just my ego tricking me into believing I’m capable of doing something great?”

 There could be past life or childhood traumas playing out in the subconscious that are preventing you from being who you want to be, but you’re not aware of them.

 You develop an internal battle between wanting to be mainstream and conforming to what you’ve always been comfortable with before, and wanting to be unique by taking a risk and breaking free of the shackles that are holding you back from having your dream life.

 It seems like everywhere you go, everyone else is normal except for you, but are they really? Look a little deeper and see if they are honestly happy? Sure they may appear to have success and stability in the eyes of society’s expectations, but are they just following the rules because they don’t know any other way? Do you think if they thought they had a choice, they would do things differently? 

 There are basically two kinds of people. The ones who follow the rules and the rebels.

 You may think it’s the rebels who break free from the system and create change. While that’s often true, I think change can just as easily be created by people who’ve always followed the rules. Let’s examine this.

 In my experience I was always one for following the rules and constantly sought approval to make sure I wasn’t doing the wrong thing. I realise now that I did this intuitively knowing that there was something inside me greater and more powerful than I could handle, and wasn’t ready to unleash it on the world, or even believe it was possible. So I always did what was expected of me because I feared the alternative. However, I soon learned you can’t do this forever because that inner calling is the reason you’re here. So you set about creating change in a loving way, using a softer approach that people would be more likely to accept.

 Then there are the rule breakers. I used to judge them, probably because deep down I wanted to be like them but didn’t have the courage. Rule breakers are the creative ones, the people who question everything and don’t accept what they don’t believe in. They come up with the big ideas and commit to implementing them at all costs because they believe so much in what they’re doing. They tell it how it is, offer tough love and they know that in order to create change, you have to bypass the systems.

 So you see, everyone is capable of being who they are and making a difference.

 The most empowering thing anyone ever said to me when I was going through my self-awareness crisis was “you’re not broken”. For a long time people thought I was weird because I was fascinated with exploring past lives, visiting psychic mediums, I believed in karma and manifestation, in fact loved everything alternative. These concepts are more accepted now because more people are being exposed to them and are finding answers to their big questions. This is because people like me have owned their weirdness and come out of the spiritual closet to teach others what they know. 

 It was during a pivotal time of my inner journey that I found myself at a seminar surrounded by other people like me, and knew this was my tribe. We were asked to consider that perhaps we were the gifted ones who were sane while everyone else living within their programming was insane. This was a huge moment for me. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel so alone and it was certainly the point when I realised that I deserved to be seen and heard. 

 I learned you don’t have to be a ground-breaking entrepreneur to make a difference in the world. We’re all here to play our part, no matter how small, using our gifts to contribute to the collective. You don’t always know where you fit in, but it doesn’t matter, just follow your path and it will be perfect. 

 The universe has your back. If it doesn’t seem to then perhaps you’ve gone off track. All you need to do is follow your intuition and stop listening to that annoying ego voice in your head. Seek out your tribe because they’re waiting to embrace you for who you are. You will speak to them soul to soul because you’re energetically connected and you will experience a far more meaningful connection than with the friends you’ve lost interest in. Don’t feel guilty about that either. It’s just growth. We all change so it’s only natural that some people fall away. Just let them go with love to discover their own path.

 Transcend the ego, draw on past life wisdom and future life direction in order to make an impact in the present. It’s all there inside you. Owning who you are and letting others see it is empowering for you and for them. Be the change you want to see in the world and you’ll encourage others to do the same.

Are You Being True to Yourself?

On our soul’s journey we are constantly changing. We make mistakes, face blocks, have relationship problems, experience negative emotions and every time something like this happens, we find solutions and come out the other side a little wiser and stronger.

That’s the nature of being human. We came here to learn and grow so this is what’s supposed to happen. However, are you guilty of doing the hard work, going through a significant growth journey but continue to identify yourself as who you used to be?

Unfortunately, our family and friends can sometimes not see how we’ve evolved and will still see us as the old version carrying out the old behaviours. What happens then is that we either fight them because we feel unsupported or become disillusioned because we feel that perhaps our growth was not as real as we thought it was. Either way this is not an ideal situation.

Spiritual growth can be a lonely journey at times but you must stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Those closest to you can feel threatened by your constant evolution because it raises emotions and issues of their own which suddenly make them feel inadequate. They don’t want to feel that you won’t need them anymore. Some relationships involve a stronger person always leading a weaker person, however if you are the weaker person and find yourself progressing so much that you are transcending them in knowledge and wisdom to become the stronger person, of course they won’t appreciate it. This is something that often breaks up marriages and friendships.

As difficult as it is, you need to stand your ground. You don’t have to feel guilty about improving yourself. All of this conflict that goes on is not your fault. It is purely the ‘stuff’ of the other party and something they need to deal with on their own personal journey. So explain to them that you are no longer that old version of yourself and even though you still love them they need to respect where you are going. Please don’t ever go along with their manipulation of trying to keep you the way you were. You deserve to be great and to develop and grow.

This is difficult if it’s your own family but they will eventually accept it. If it’s your friends who are guilty of this, if they are unable to accept the new you, then let them go. It could be lonely for a while but you will soon attract a different tribe of people who resonate with your new energy. You don’t need to be held back by the wrong friends and they will probably disappear from your life naturally to make room for others who are going to support your future growth. This is how it works and in the long run you will be happier and better equipped to continue your journey with the right people around you. So don’t give up and definitely always be true to yourself because at the end of the day, you’re the one you have to live with and be accountable to.


Trust Yourself

We are all on a life path that was determined before we were born. We are not always aware of where that path will lead or if we’re even heading in the right direction. But one thing’s for sure. If you’re on the right one, things will fall into place easily. If you’re on the wrong one, then many things will happen to convince you that you’re not making the right decisions.  If you are experiencing harmful or catastrophic events in your life with regard to business or relationships, then let them go. This is the universe trying to tell you that you need to change direction.

This is different from the normal pitfalls which come with daily life. The things that are annoying and can sometimes make you feel like giving up. The difference is that you still have the underlying passion and knowingness that you’re doing the right thing, whether it be a job, a business, a partner or a friend. These types of experiences are really just lessons, ways to encourage you to learn more about your own capabilities, to grow and improve.

An important thing to remember is that you are your own person. Do not let other people take away your power. You are the only one who knows what’s good for you and what you should be doing. Sometimes we meet people who try to give well meaning advice. This could be because they are seeking to find a sense of importance or worth in themselves. It could be because they are not prepared to understand that vulnerability is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have someone in your life who is trying to change you from who you are into someone that better suits their needs, this is a red flag situation. You need to take control, even if you’re feeling so disillusioned with your life that their help seems welcome. If you feel in your gut that their intentions are just self-serving then have the strength and courage to politely decline whatever it is they are offering. I guarantee you that if you listen to your inner voice, you will succeed. Believe in yourself, live your life with conviction and others will be knocking down your door to be around you, learning what they can from your wisdom.

We only get one chance at this lifetime and we’ve chosen what it is we have to do, so don’t get stuck. Follow your heart, embrace and learn from your mistakes, recognise and honour the people who are genuinely there to help you on your journey. Be discerning about who you allow to share in your dreams. You have chosen these people as well long before you were born. Make sure that when you leave this life, you have achieved what you know in your heart was your reason for living, so that next life you can move up to a new phase in your spiritual development.


Dealing With Expectations

I’m sure you have all experienced the excitement of looking forward to an upcoming event – perhaps an overseas holiday, a special party, a training course. You build up in your mind exactly how you think it’s going to go. If you’ve put a lot of planning or thought into it, then of course you have positive expectations. But how often have you gone on that special holiday and it’s rained every day or you became sick? Or perhaps the party wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. You didn’t like the food, or the people or the music. And what about that training course? In your mind you were going to become an expert in that field instantly, but instead you didn’t find it was something you would want to pursue. You left feeling deflated and having to re-evaluate your goals.

These are just a few examples. There are many more situations where we have expectations, even just of conversations we are going to have with people. They don’t end up saying what you want to hear. Conversely, most people also have negative expectations of situations. We spend our precious time becoming worried and stressed about something, only to find that it was not really a problem at all. In fact the very thing that incessantly plagued our thoughts is forgotten a week later. Sound familiar?

So where do expectations come from? I think they arise because we want to achieve a certain outcome. Our ego gets in the way and wants to be controlling. As you probably know however, the universe does not always deliver what we want or think we need. In truth, our higher self knows the answers, but many times we are not in touch with it or just aren’t listening.

Expectations usually come from past experience. These experiences may not even have come from this lifetime. Events from previous lives have a way of influencing us, and we are not even consciously aware of why we behave and think the way we do. Our brain is just wired to react the way it did last time. However, sometimes things happen a certain way to teach us a lesson. Let’s face it, when something goes wrong it does have a way of making us look at the same thing differently the next time it happens. The way we choose to react will have an impact on our growth. We can choose to be angry, disillusioned or sad, or we can choose to be grateful that we’ve learned something new, perhaps how to be more resourceful or to think differently so that we will not have the same automatic negative reaction the next time.

I have a new strategy now. I have realised that I cannot control everything in my life. I can make plans and put things into place, but now instead of expecting a certain outcome, I just trust that whatever happens is going to be for my highest good. In fact I go into each new situation and event without any expectations. It’s like having a blank piece of paper in your head. You can write a new story for yourself as you go along, instead of going into an experience with the story already written in your head. It’s surprising what will happen when you’re just able to let go and allow. Usually I am pleasantly surprised with the outcomes using this method. I've learned to be more flexible and prepared to move outside my comfort zone.

After all, if you have no expectations then there is no disappointment, there is just experience. You will notice that the repeated patterns you usually follow will start to change and become something different. You will find that you don’t need to control everything, because you can’t anyway, so you will go in different, more exciting directions. Like it or not, life is a continuing journey of lessons and understandings towards our personal growth – so why not choose to go with the flow and see where you end up?