Exploring Elemental Magic


Do you feel most comfortable when out in nature, and passionate about protecting it? 

Are you connected to animals, would take in every stray if you could and wouldn’t dream of killing an errant spider or bug that wandered into your home?

Are you highly sensitive but also fun-loving and a little mischievous?

If this sounds like you then there’s a good chance that you are an incarnated elemental.

Elementals are commonly known as mythical creatures such as fairies, elves, gnomes, unicorns and mermaids which are ethereal, therefore largely invisible to most people. However they are responsible for the calm and connected feelings you have when surrounded by nature. Compare this to how you feel in a bustling city street (where elementals do not like to go) and you notice a much lower vibration. Although you can’t see them, they are powerful beings responsible for protecting and maintaining the plant and animal kingdoms.

16th century Swiss alchemist Paracelsus identified the four main archetypes as belonging to each of the four main elements. Gnome was of the Earth, Undine of the Water, Sylph of the Air and Salamander of Fire. These magical creatures live among trees and plants, in lakes and rivers, oceans and mountains. Their forms vary between different folklore and alchemy within these elements, with some being more common than others, but they have appeared to exist since the beginning of time.

Elementals vibrate at a higher level which is why they are invisible to many, and they vary in size depending on the roles they play. Generally they are quite child-like and love to focus on play and fun, often playing tricks on others. Many children are able to seem them because they have such open minds and also share these characteristics. Their belief often disappears as adults tell them they’re not real.

It is only the more evolved of the elementals that can incarnate into human form because they learn to become more serious and realise that as protectors of Mother Earth, they have a bigger job to do educating humans on how to interact with nature and prevent them from destroying it. This makes them very passionate and committed about achieving their purpose. You will find these people at environmental rallies, beach clean-up days, picking up litter, involved in animal rescue.

I’m sure everyone has had a magical experience in nature, whether it’s leaning against the trunk of a beautiful tree, being awestruck by the sight of a powerful waterfall, swimming in a crystal clear stream, watching a thunderstorm roll in over the mountains, enjoying a colourful sunset, witnessing the power of the ocean as waves break on the beach, staring into a campfire. Elemental beings are part of all these experiences and are there to help us. All we need to do is keep an open-mind and see things from a different perspective when we’re in their environment, then we will start to see them everywhere, perhaps even hear them.

Next time you’re out in nature, look carefully and see if you can notice this unseen world. Magic is all around us and whether or not you believe you are an incarnated elemental on a mission or just someone who enjoys the energy of the four elements, take time to relax and absorb what the natural world has to offer. It really is the ultimate wellbeing experience.

The Earth Needs Our Help

Since I have been involved with past life regression, I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the consequences that arise from our actions. Whatever we do in this lifetime is going to affect future generations and eventually ourselves when we decide to reincarnate. Everything we do comes back to us eventually. In relation to the Earth it is therefore imperative that we look after it so that we have something to come back to. But what I see all around me is global climate change, the decimation of our rainforests, consumerism and “progress” slowly destroying what we have.

There is a saying “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. I was recently reminded of this quote and how powerful it is. The future generations will suffer unless we all do our bit to preserve this beautiful planet on which we live. Did you know that raising animals for us to eat uses more than 70% of the earth’s fresh water? It takes up to 200 times more water and 8 times more fossil fuel energy to produce beef than it does to grow plant foods. Most of the grain grown in the US is used to feed to livestock to benefit the meat and dairy industries, while millions of people around the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

A couple of years ago I opened my eyes to these statistics and decided to become vegan. This is not an easy decision and does require lifestyle changes and education on how to eat in this way. Once I broke through the mental conditioning I had grown up with that you can’t survive without the iron and other nutrients that meat and dairy foods provide, it was much easier. I learned that these nutrients are readily available in a plant-based diet and there are many unhealthy people walking around living on junk food, whose nutritional intake is never questioned.

The upside of my decision is I am sparing animals from slaughter, and trust me there is no humane way to do this. I am also benefiting my own health as I now have much less chance of contracting a life-threatening illness and have never felt better. In fact, I have been able to completely do away with the medications I was taking for digestive problems I had been suffering for more than 10 years.

I am just asking you to consider at least cutting down on meat and dairy consumption. Don’t think that any small change that you make will not make a difference because it does. If you were to cut out meat for one month you would save nearly 125,000 litres of the world’s water supply, 84 square metres of forest and the lives of 30 animals.**

These days it is much easier to be vegetarian and vegan as restaurants and supermarkets are recognising the demand for these options. People are waking up and taking care of their health more than ever before and that is exciting for me. I was encouraged to make this change two years ago and reluctant to do it at first. It all seemed too hard because like everyone else, I liked to remain in my comfort zone with what was familiar. But I urge you to try it, even if just for 30 days, and see what a difference it will make to the way you feel. Initially there may be some discomfort as you detox but it doesn’t take long to feel better than you could have imagined and proud of what you’re doing to preserve our beautiful Mother Earth.

Past life regression is all about growth and understanding our life purpose, then doing what we can to fulfil this purpose during the present incarnation. But our soul doesn’t stop here. In order to complete our soul’s journey we need to continue coming back, so let’s all make sure we have something sustainable to come back to.

** Reference: www.cowspiracy.com calculator