Are You Connected?

I’ve always felt connected to other people. I learned a long time ago that every soul is connected and all of our actions towards others also affects us. That’s why it’s so important to forgive and to live in a place of peace and tolerance. Lashing out at others only creates more disharmony for you. Conversely, if you give out love that’s what you will receive in return. For years this is how I’ve tried to live my life. But I’m guessing that you already know about this. It’s not a new concept.

What I really want to discuss is being connected to the planet – to Mother Earth. I have just returned from the US where I explored my past lives as an American Indian. I know I’ve had several such lives and was eager to find my tribe. I pursued knowledge and looked for an affinity with the different tribes I came across in my travels, including Hopi, Navaho, Ute, Anastasi and Lakota. Their history reveals some incredible stories of survival and hardship at the hands of the white man and of Mother Nature. As I travelled around Arizona and Utah I could feel their spirits still very present in some of the sacred sites and it was a humbling experience for me because I know I’ve been one of them. It’s always saddened me to know that these people, along with tribes from other civilisations, have not been connected the way they should have been. The white man denied them a connection. They’ve been marginalised, land taken away from them, the graves of their ancestors disrespected. Yet they continue to hold a presence and I think this is because they always remained connected to their land and to the elements. They have always known what was most important.

As I sat on top of a mountain in Sedona, Arizona deep in meditation it was revealed to me that it doesn’t matter which tribe I belonged to and where in the world you come from. We all belong to the same land. All indigenous tribes from every culture are connected. All lands are connected by the oceans the mountains and the skies so feeling an affinity with Native American, Aboriginal, Maori, Celtic or any other tribe means a connection with all of them. These people have a tremendous respect for nature and have learned how to work with her.

As I stared out across an expansive valley of absolute beauty I marvelled at the magnificence of our Earth and realised I was a very small part of an enormous whole. I felt an amazing connection with the ground, the animals, the insects, the plants, the trees, rocks, creeks and rivers which seemed to transcend any human connection. As humans we are only here for a short time but the earth has been around for billions of years. We should have more respect and know that we’re just borrowing this land for the duration of our existence and have no right to destroy it and deprive future generations from having something sustainable. We are all part of it and just like with human connections, whatever we do to wrong Mother Nature will come back to hurt us.

I felt so small and insignificant that day and realised that earth, water, fire and air are the only things we should be worshipping and honouring for they are giving us life and will continue to give life to future generations long after we’re gone if we do the right thing. Indigenous people know this which is why their spirits live on in the land. I don't need to mourn their loss of any human connection. Believing as I do in reincarnation, this means that to disrespect and destroy our planet now will take away our home in future lives. Mother Nature can only tolerate so much. I sometimes experiment with future life progression in my group workshops and the results are always the same. Our planet will not survive the next couple of hundred years unless we do something now to save her. 

Loneliness versus Alone Time

I have recently been pondering the concept of being alone as many of my clients tell me they have a fear of being alone in life. Some also fear dying alone. I would like to assert that what these people fear is actually loneliness, not being alone, which are two different things.

As a human race we are all connected to each other, but how much we notice that connection depends on how we feel. When things go wrong, people let us down, we suffer heart break it is easy to feel lonely. We tend to cut ourselves off from other people at these times because we feel vulnerable and not open to accepting outside help. We become angry at the world. It seems easier to wallow in our sadness and try to look for reasons or answers on our own whilst in that state of vulnerability. The most common thing that happens is that we grieve. The initial reaction is to blame others for our circumstances and hold that grudge, until we are willing to forgive (if that ever happens). We are sometimes not prepared to own our part in the situation, even though at some level we know we are guilty of something. If you are this type of person, you will not seek out other people because you fear they may point this out to you, when all you want to do is blame the rest of the world. Denial will definitely attract feelings of loneliness.

On deeper reflection, we may eventually discover our own weaknesses which can lead to a lack of self-worth. If we are unable to find love for ourselves, this can be an extremely debilitating and difficult thing to overcome. So it’s no wonder that loneliness follows – because we feel we are not worthy of attention from others. Again we are unwilling to enlist help because we feel ashamed, so both of these scenarios open ourselves up to loneliness.

What really should happen when life throws us a curve ball is that we realise we are probably on the wrong path or spending time with people who are not fulfilling our highest spiritual goals. Adversity is just a lesson and easy to recognise in hindsight – but difficult to cope with when you’re in the middle of it. We all make mistakes on our journey and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of seeking blame, seek the lesson.

What is most important is having the ability to go into our hearts and discover our true essence. When things don’t work out, people tend to look for answers externally, instead of looking inside their own hearts. We all innately know what is best for us and what are our greatest strengths and weaknesses. Understanding ourselves and loving who we are is the key to being happy and fulfilled. The fastest way of breaking the pattern of loneliness is to be completely in love with ourselves which will attract others to our loving energetic field. If something doesn’t work out, look into your heart rather than retreating into a cocoon. The answers will be there and your fellow humans will not judge if you have done your own work and acknowledged your lesson.

Alone time is important because you need it to build that healthy loving relationship with yourself. This is very different from the loneliness you feel when you cut yourself off from your fellow humans. Being connected means that everyone feels your emotions so if you are self-loving, others will feel it too and you will never be lonely. There are people all around you doing the best they can and probably feeling just like you. If you can be the change you want to see in them, together we can create the world of peace we are all seeking.