What Do You Want?


In my experience, I have found that many people don’t know what they really want. Sometimes all they know is they are dissatisfied with their lives, even though there may be no good reason, but don’t know what they could do to improve it. Others think they know what they want based on preconceived ideas that have been programmed long ago, but in reality, would not suit them at all if they were to manifest.

So why is it so difficult to understand ourselves? I think the answer lies with the fact that most people look for the answers in all the wrong places. We are brought up to believe that “success” and therefore happiness means having a solid career with a high income, being able to buy a fancy car or two, getting married to a loving partner, having a couple of well educated kids with everyone living together in harmony in a large house that we own outright in less than 30 years. This is certainly what our parents and educators encourage. But is this really everyone’s dream life?

How many people do you know actually have all of this – and if they do are they blissfully happy? It is human nature to set the bar higher when we reach a goal, so we are never truly satisfied. The happiest people I have met are those who have followed their heart’s desires and this is the key. Some of them have next to nothing. Success and happiness cannot be found outside of yourself. Only your heart knows what is truly the right thing for you, and this may not be something that society deems as “normal”. Whether it is a career choice, partner, living situation or anything else, the answers are within. The trouble is that the old conditioning kicks in and stops us from doing what we should really be doing, hence we become dissatisfied with life. If we struggle to achieve what is expected of us, our self esteem suffers and makes it impossible to believe in ourselves. If you really sit and think about it, your happiest times are probably when you are doing the simplest things – making someone laugh, playing with your children, stroking an animal, dancing, walking in nature.

So as we move further into a new year, let this be an opportunity to re-assess what truly makes your heart sing. I notice that everyone is positive at the beginning of a new year and by the end they are all saying “good riddance” to it and hoping for the next one to be better. This is a pattern that will continue til the day you die unless you do something about it.

Numerologically you may have heard that we have just finished a cycle and have entered a new cycle – a 1 year. This is a year of new beginnings. So if you are wondering where your life has gone wrong, or there is a burning passion inside you that you have been ignoring, now is the time to look inside your heart and go confidently in the direction of your dreams. You may have to take risks, lose income, alienate friends and family, but please remember you are your number one priority and when you follow your heart’s true calling, the universe will support you in your decision. Ultimately, everything will work out better than you could have imagined. You will realise that the things you thought you needed are less important as your life takes on new meaning.

We don’t always understand why we are the way we are. Past experiences from this life and lives past dictate our beliefs, so the answers can only come from asking the unconscious mind and more importantly listening to the heart. Even a few minutes of meditation every day will give you some clarity. Even if you’re not quite ready to change, start taking small steps now and remember, you don’t have to wait until the 1st January next year to start living.