Are You Being True to Yourself?

On our soul’s journey we are constantly changing. We make mistakes, face blocks, have relationship problems, experience negative emotions and every time something like this happens, we find solutions and come out the other side a little wiser and stronger.

That’s the nature of being human. We came here to learn and grow so this is what’s supposed to happen. However, are you guilty of doing the hard work, going through a significant growth journey but continue to identify yourself as who you used to be?

Unfortunately, our family and friends can sometimes not see how we’ve evolved and will still see us as the old version carrying out the old behaviours. What happens then is that we either fight them because we feel unsupported or become disillusioned because we feel that perhaps our growth was not as real as we thought it was. Either way this is not an ideal situation.

Spiritual growth can be a lonely journey at times but you must stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Those closest to you can feel threatened by your constant evolution because it raises emotions and issues of their own which suddenly make them feel inadequate. They don’t want to feel that you won’t need them anymore. Some relationships involve a stronger person always leading a weaker person, however if you are the weaker person and find yourself progressing so much that you are transcending them in knowledge and wisdom to become the stronger person, of course they won’t appreciate it. This is something that often breaks up marriages and friendships.

As difficult as it is, you need to stand your ground. You don’t have to feel guilty about improving yourself. All of this conflict that goes on is not your fault. It is purely the ‘stuff’ of the other party and something they need to deal with on their own personal journey. So explain to them that you are no longer that old version of yourself and even though you still love them they need to respect where you are going. Please don’t ever go along with their manipulation of trying to keep you the way you were. You deserve to be great and to develop and grow.

This is difficult if it’s your own family but they will eventually accept it. If it’s your friends who are guilty of this, if they are unable to accept the new you, then let them go. It could be lonely for a while but you will soon attract a different tribe of people who resonate with your new energy. You don’t need to be held back by the wrong friends and they will probably disappear from your life naturally to make room for others who are going to support your future growth. This is how it works and in the long run you will be happier and better equipped to continue your journey with the right people around you. So don’t give up and definitely always be true to yourself because at the end of the day, you’re the one you have to live with and be accountable to.