We Are All Powerful Creators


Did you know that up to the age of 12 you are the product of whatever you’ve heard and learned from your parents, teachers, family, friends, anyone who has any kind of influence over you? And in your experience, do you think most people are empowered by that age to go out and be the best version of themselves they can possibly be?

Unfortunately, in today’s society most of us are bred to be mediocre. Parents and grandparents have often been through hard times and they project that fear onto their children. This is where you see parents telling their kids that money doesn’t grow on trees, they’re no good at something, you can’t make a decent living doing that, sit down and stop making a spectacle of yourself.  They stifle their child’s natural personality if it seems too different from the norm. Perhaps they don’t really mean to do this, or even know how young a child can be influenced by the slightest negative comment from an adult.

After the age of 12 is when we start to think for ourselves. Often teenagers with radical thoughts and ideas are labelled as being non-conforming when really they could just be starting to exercise their own brain muscle for the first time. Too many teenagers are shut down for their thinking because it clashes with the programming they’ve been exposed to since birth and sadly, 90% of the time, the negative side wins.

Why is it that we are so afraid of not fitting in to what we’re told is “normal”? And what gives anyone the right to decide what is normal and what isn’t?

I have met many many people throughout my life who are so gifted in areas that others believe are weird, useless, dangerous or even evil. This usually applies to people with spiritual gifts, scientists, thought leaders and creative business people. Unfortunately, fear seems to hold many people back from being open to doing things differently from what the education system teaches. So they go through life being stifled and hiding rather than embracing what they’re here to do and prove everyone wrong.

The majority of the most influential people of our time have been ridiculed and labelled as crazy because of their beliefs. Imagine if they actually listened to their naysayers. Without these incredibly gifted people ignoring their critics we wouldn’t have electricity, telephones, aircraft, space travel, computers, in fact most of the technology that’s around today and more.

The moral of this story is please do not stifle the abilities of children or indeed anyone who is prepared to step out of the programming and be a true expression of themselves. Without them there would be no progress.

Every single person on this planet is unique and has a special talent to share. This is never going to happen as long as they are shut down and ridiculed. It is up to everyone as a collective to help each other do what they are here to do before they die.