What is Time Really?

Did you know that the word “time” has 11.5 billion hits on Google? That’s around five times more than “love” or “money”.  Apparently we care more about finding time than making love or money. Technology has brought us more opportunity to connect, but this is coming at the expense of our health, because in this digital world we are always contactable, and everyone demands our instant attention. As a result we have less and less “time” to relax and switch off. We become stressed, burned out, sick and as statistics prove, more depressed and anxious than ever before. Time poverty is an obsession.

Most people don’t realise that slowing down is actually the key to our productivity and progress, because they are programmed to believe that hard work equals success and money. So they plan the future and try to manifest what they want based on past performance, rather than feeling into what’s right for them in the present. Although everyone’s heard how important it is to live in the now, how many people are actually doing that? It’s not as difficult as it seems.

 The pre-frontal cortex of the brain, amongst other things is responsible for planning, decision making and forming strategies. However what you may not know is that when we are in meditation or any altered state it shuts down. It is impossible to calculate time so past experiences you may not want to repeat are forgotten and you are unable to plan the future because you can’t imagine it. It just becomes one big blurred “now”. This explains why a meditation or hypnotic experience feels a lot longer than what it really is. It also explains the behaviour of someone who’s affected by alcohol or drugs.

 The truth is the “now” is really all we have. Einstein always believed that time was not linear. He said that if you could build a rocket ship that travelled at the speed of light you could experience past, present and future simultaneously. We obviously can’t do that physically, however we can do it using our consciousness. Although this is often perceived as something that is just outside of the head, in fact consciousness can expand right out as far as you’re prepared to take it. And when you’re able to do that you can experience more events at the same time.

Have you ever considered that “intuitive messages” are actually just your future self knowing the outcome of what you’re about to do and guiding you accordingly? And do we manifest something because we focus on it, or are we just thinking of something that our future self already knows is coming?

Everyone has the same amount of “time” as everyone else but some people have the ability to use it more effectively and achieve more than others. This is all perception. We can speed it up or slow it down whenever we want to by using our consciousness. I’m sure you’ve had days when you’ve been able to fit in multiple tasks and other days when the time just goes and you’ve seemingly done nothing. And how fast does a day go by when you’re doing something exciting as opposed to one when you are doing something tedious and boring?

When we travel and have to keep changing our watches, I started to think about how we are all actually living in the now although some parts of the world are said to be in the future and some in the past? Regardless of what it says on a timepiece we all exist in the same moment.

Taking holidays is an excellent example of time slowing down. We seem to be able to fit in so much more in a day than when we’re at home. And by the end of the trip it feels like we’ve been gone for months. This is because we spend more time living in the now and not worrying about what we did before we left home or what we have to go back to.

Sightseeing and magical experiences are one thing, but imagine how much more relaxed and energised you would feel if you incorporated meditation into your travels. You would experience even more of that limitless “now”. When your mind is in an altered state you are also able to process billions of bits of information as opposed to the roughly 120 bits you have when in a conscious state, so there is so much scope for awareness and insight.

The world is full of incredible places you can go to experience timelessness. So find one, unplug from the world and check in with yourself. It’s amazing how much more progress you can make by just slowing down.


Time is an Illusion


Have you ever noticed yourself saying “I don’t have time”?

I know I used to do that constantly. It seemed like there were never enough hours in the day to go to work, spend time with family, do stuff for myself and still have energy left over. I felt like a mouse on one of those spinning wheel things.

Then it all changed.

I began to realise that time is an illusion and if want to we can bend it. I’m sure you’ve experienced an exciting day in your life when 8 or 9 hours slipped past and it felt like only one hour. Or perhaps when you were looking forward to something, the days and hours seemed to drag on forever before the event was there. Time is all relative, hence Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Einstein believed that everything happens simultaneously and if you were to have a rocket ship that could travel at the speed of light you would experience past, present and future all at once, as opposed to someone who’s just standing on the ground.

But obviously we don’t have a rocket ship – however we do have our consciousness.

It is possible to time travel to the past, present and future by expanding your consciousness. You can then see quite clearly every experience you’ve had and will have and can relate these experiences to what’s happening now.

I know people say, “what’s the point of seeing past lives, they’re in the past, all that matters is the present”.

I agree with that, because all we have is the now, but past and future are all part of it. So it’s really pointless to dwell on the past and obsess about the future because we’ve already created them and are living them simultaneously.

However, most people don’t have the ability to consciously see everything happening at once, so this is where travelling within our minds to the past or future can explain and clear things that are blocking the now from happening the way we want them to.

As far as not having enough time in a day, if you have lots of things you have to get done, just ask for more time. Just ask, set intentions and the universe will provide. You’ll be amazed how much you can achieve and when you look at your watch you’ll think that time must have stood still for a while.

Like I said – time is an illusion.