Have You Met Your Twin Soul?


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of witnessing the wedding of two friends who are the epitome of a twin soul relationship. I was there from the moment they found each other again. When their eyes met the recognition was undeniable. In fact it was so strong that it took them nine months to admit their attraction to one another, even though each of them had felt it. I guess in their minds they were not ready to ruin something that special by expressing their feelings too soon, because let’s face it, instantaneous love like that doesn’t come along every day. They would have felt vulnerable having such strong emotions and been worried that the feelings weren’t reciprocated.

However, in their case they most definitely were, and that story now has a beautiful ending. Although really it’s just the beginning. The beginning of a re-connection that has survived for possibly centuries, spanning time and space.  It made me think about how we spend our whole life looking for that special person who we believe is “the one”. In fact many times people search so hard that they believe every relationship they have is the ultimate connection, forcing it to be something it isn't so that they can experience this special love. Unfortunately, divorce statistics show that this is often not the case. When the person comes along who is literally your other half, the one you are looking for, there is no doubt. You don’t need to question whether this is the right one or not. There is just an instant knowing and some people describe their first touch as being “electric” and overpowering.

These relationships can be intense and for this reason, we don’t get to meet our other half in every incarnation. We come into each life with a purpose that moves us forward in our growth towards spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes the distraction of having our other half will not serve that purpose, so we don’t get to meet them. It doesn’t mean to say that we can’t have a satisfying partnership with a romantic soul mate, which is a different type of soul connection. In fact you probably find that most marriages are just that.

If you never meet that special person who is your other half, you shouldn’t forego happiness whilst you continue your search. Perhaps you have another agenda this time around. You may need to learn how to be independent because we all need to experience different situations. Just remember there is a plan and it’s not necessarily obvious to you until much later. My best advice is to love yourself wholly and passionately and if you can do this for yourself, the chances of reconnecting with your true other half are increased. You don’t actually need someone else to complete you. We are born alone and we die alone so the most important relationship you should be nurturing is the one with yourself.