As I am an advocate for following your true life purpose, it would not be authentic for me to ignore my own calling. Through my inner past life work I discovered that I have been a scribe in two separate lives. One of these was working for an inventor back in the 1500's, recording his knowledge and ideas in a journal, the other was updating people’s stories in an ancient library, so my experience extends way beyond this life. Writing and grammar have always been a skill of mine that I love, so I now combine my two passions of helping people to re-invent their lives with offering my services as a writer/editor to share their gifts with the world.

Why me?

I am a certified writer, editor and proofreader through the Australian College of Journalism as well as being a published author of “7 Steps to a Better Life”. I have helped others to write and edit their books, and create copy for their websites. I pride myself in being able to write content in the voice of the author, rather than in the way I might speak, and deliver their message authentically. My strengths are copy writing and editing, structural editing and basic proofreading.

Through creating my own conscious business, I’ve had the privilege of meeting many other entrepreneurs who are held back by not having the skills to communicate their message through the written word. My background in writing, editing and proofreading has led me to become a go-to copywriter and editor for conscious business owners who are either starting out to create a heart-based business or are established and wanting to update their website. Many also have the desire to write a book, so I extend my services to assist them in this area. My special interest is writing people’s stories and capturing their true essence.


Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs of conscious businesses who are creating a website and need help with copywriting their content.

  • Established businesses who are updating their websites and want to inject a more conscious feel into the content.

  • Conscious people who need help writing or editing a book.

  • People struggling to write a professional letter or proposal.

Who is it not for?

  • Business people who are not heart-based.

  • People who are money driven for their own gain and not interested in giving back to humanity.

  • Anyone involved in activities that involve weapons or are harmful to plants and animals.

How does it work?

I work with my clients in whichever way they find most comfortable and convenient. These include:

  • Sending me copy they have written themselves in a document. I work with that, making it concise and free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, but still relevant to their style. This is good for website and book copy.

  • Conducting an interview on the phone or over Skype to extract the outline and basics of a project and then build the content around that, continuing to work with the client until they are satisfied with the outcome.

  • Taking instructions from a phone recording and creating content in a desired format for any purpose.

  • Researching from suggested resources sent to me by the client and writing content for a writing project based on that research as well as their own material.


Basic copywriting or editing - $50 per hour

Writing or editing a significant amount of copy for a book depends on the project and the time it will take, so I offer an agreed set price and terms prior to commencement of the job.