Who is it for?

Ancient farmer
  • The busy professional to the spiritual adventurist who wants to discover how to have the life that they desire and remove those blocks from the past, not just from this life but from others, that are holding them back.

  • Those who want the fastest results by having a personalised interactive experience specific to their needs.

Who is it not for?

  • People who are not interested in making it work.

  • Religious fanatics who don’t believe in reincarnation.

  • People who are extremely left-brained and not willing to do the work necessary to balance both.

  • Anyone suffering a significant mental illness without permission from their medical professional.

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Program overview

An interactive hypnosis session which allows access to childhood, past and future life memories. This will be followed by techniques and counselling to assist with letting go of and eliminating any destructive issues that have been retained in the unconscious mind.

Typical results

Most clients who are open to the process will have a past/future life or spiritual experience that will help them to understand themselves or their circumstances. The experience will always be the most relevant to each person’s current situation or challenges. It is also common to have more than one past or future life experience in a session. 

Structure of the session

Renaissance child

I provide a safe and nurturing space for my clients to relax in with a comfortable reclining chair for an approximately one and a half hour hypnotic experience. A typical session includes a deep relaxation process, deepening technique then a journey to early childhood and birth memories, followed by a past life and/or future life. You will move through the memories of those lives until the death scene where you will discover the lesson it provided and I will help you to let go of any unwanted trauma and blocks that are still there before bringing you back.

Investment packages to get started

1 Past Life session :            $220

1 Future Life session: $220

Past & Future together: $250

3 session single modality pack :  $594 (normally $660) – 10% off, saves you $66. Use within 12 months

6 session single modaltiy pack :  $1,056 (normally $1,320) – 20% off, saves you $264. Use within 18 months

9 session single modality pack :  $1,386 (normally $1,980) – 30% off, saves you $594 Use within 24 months


Brisbane southside. The address will be provided upon booking.