Can I become “stuck” in hypnosis?

No, you are in complete control the whole time. If something makes you uncomfortable you are able to simply open your eyes.

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Can the hypnotherapist make me do something I don’t want to do?

We have Hollywood to blame for this perception. You are always in control and will not do or say anything that is against your will. Even people who appear in hypnotic stage shows are willingly taking part in the activities, based on their normal personalities.


Will I remember what happens?

An interactive hypnosis session is like having a discussion with your eyes closed while you are resting. You are in a deeply relaxed state although still “awake”. It is only the conscious mind that is inactive so that the unconscious mind can respond. For this reason many people feel they did not “go under” because the expectations were different. In fact, you should remember everything that happens and always feel totally in control.


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Can anyone be hypnotised?

We all experience hypnosis at least twice a day. It is the same state as just before you fall asleep and just before you wake up, when you’re not completely aware, but are conscious enough to respond to interruptions. Some people can be hypnotised easily from the first time where others find it more difficult. It is one of those things that sometimes requires practise and the best way to do that is to develop meditation skills. Only about 15% of the population cannot be hypnotised at all but other techniques can be used to access memories.


Will I have a past life experience the first time?

Not necessarily. About two thirds of people will take a little longer to have their first past life experience. People who are very left-brained and tend to be analytical can find it difficult to let that go and relax into the process. The best thing to do is go along with whatever happens and try not to analyse it until later. I have also noticed that people who’ve had a traumatic experience in a past life are not ready straight away to remember it, so sometimes you just need to be patient and keep trying.

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Why do we need to come back again?

Each lifetime offers lessons that are chosen before we are born and become part of our life purpose each time around. It is impossible to learn everything we need to know for spiritual enlightenment in one lifetime so we have many lives, each one pushing us further along on our path. Some people are further along than others in their soul journey, so it is helpful to realise this and be patient with those who are struggling with their lessons.


How can I stop thoughts from interfering?

It is difficult to shut down all thoughts during hypnosis so rather than fight it, I find it easier to just allow the thoughts to float past, as if they are on a leaf floating down a stream, and concentrate on the sound of your breath.


What if I’m not a visual person?

Not everyone is visual. We all have a dominant sense that we use. Every experience that happens during a regression can be significant. While many people are able to visually see what is happening, others may be inclined to have an experience that matches their dominant sense so you may hear sounds, feel emotions or pain, smell familiar scents such as perfumes, food, cigars or perhaps just sense the scenes going on around you. All these things are meaningful and significant to understanding the process.

Can I go to the future of my current life?

I don’t recommend this as it can interfere with your current life’s purpose. The soul knows what it’s here to do but in order to complete the journey and achieve the purpose decided before we are born, there are often lessons and karmic challenges to deal with, so knowing what’s going to happen in the future can misdirect intentions and either leave room for complacency or encourage a sense of defeat, both of which prevents growth needed.