I have put together a range of interesting videos from leaders in the field of past life regression and spiritual concepts, as well as examples of people who have remembered past life experiences. There has been a lot of research performed on this topic and some amazing stories have come out of working with people in hypnosis who have vivid past life memories. This knowledge can help to explain your wise inner voice, vivid unusual dreams or seeming to know things that you have never been taught.

Back in 1980, Dr. Brian Weiss was using hypnotherapy with a patient named Catherine to discover the roots of her paralyzing phobias. During one of their sessions, Dr. Weiss asked Catherine to go back to the time those phobias started. Instead of going back to childhood, she went back 4,000 years in time to a past life.

Walter Semkiw, MD and Jim Tucker, MD discuss the reincarnation research of Ian Stevenson, MD, which involves children's past life memories that can be factually verified. Children's past lives provide evidence or proof of reincarnation and are presented as reincarnation stories at IISIS.net. Dr. Semkiw also introduces the reincarnation case of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen.

WHAT DOES PAST-LIFE REGRESSION TEACH US ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE? "I'm thrilled to present this new Afterlife TV episode featuring Dr. Brian Weiss. Brian is the author of Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing, Only Love Is Real, Messages From The Masters, Same Soul, Many Bodies, and more. Visit Afterlife TV at http://www.AfterlifeTV.com

Dolores Cannon speaking on "Life After Death" at the 3rd Annual Transformation Conference 2008. http://www.ozarkmt.com

Anita was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and doctors told her family she was just hours away from death. It was at this point that she "crossed over" and then returned again into this world with a clearer understanding of her life and purpose on earth.

Are you living your life as intended? Are you listening to the infinite intelligence within? In Dr. Dyer's free video series, he shares profound spiritual lessons he's discovered in living from that place of infinite intelligence within and how living in the light provides positive changes in our lives.

A young boy remembers a past life "reincarnation" he had where he was murdered. The 3-year old correctly identified the spot he was buried, the village he was from, and the murderer. Is this proof that reincarnation is real? In a region near the border of Syria known as Golan Heights, a boy says he remembers being murdered.

I am creating my own video series of the most commonly asked questions related to past life regression. As I release them I will include them below.

The first in my video series of answers to the most commonly asked questions about past life regression - "Why do we need to know about our past lives"? In this video I will explain how experiences from past lives can cause subconscious blocks that we are not aware of which hold us back from achieving the life we are here to fulfil.
In my second video I will be explaining why it is not necessary or beneficial for us to consciously remember our past lives. We only need to learn what is necessary to fulfilling our life purpose this time around rather than being subjected to all the karmic events that have happened in every life, particularly with other people.
This week's video covers another commonly asked question that is whether during a past life regression it is possible that you are just making it up or imagining it because of an interest in that area. I explain what I believe imagination actually is and provide a couple of interesting case histories.
This week I'm attempting to explain why if we all reincarnate are there not more people in the world. Many people think the numbers dont quite add up. There are many factors to take into account when trying to work out population growth so have a listen.
This week I'm dispelling fears that some people have about what they may say whilst in hypnosis. There are some misconceptions about how much control you have and whether you may say something that you don't want me to know.
In this week's video I talk about my beliefs around choosing family and what role they play in our lives each time, Yes I believe they are chosen by us before birth and are probably our most important teachers. We may or may not be close to them because sometimes they're here to teach us a difficult lesson.
In this episode I discuss how we all have a soul group of people who we go through our various lives with and who help us to achieve the lessons we choose.
This week I discuss other ways of experiencing past lives, namely through dreams or through astral travelling. For those having trouble with hypnosis, sometimes taking notice of your dreams can provide clues because its a way for the subconscious to provide information to you.
This week I'm explaining my ideas about what a twin soul actually is and discussing whether or not we are likely to meet them every life time. I believe that we need to learn to love ourselves wholly and unconditionally before the soul mate we need will come along - which isn't necessarily our twin soul.
I'm half way now and this week discussing the interesting concept of whether past, present and future are actually all happening at the same time. It is widely believed that there is no linear time, that it is just something we do to make life easier for us here on Earth.
This week I'm explaining my take on what de ja vu is. You know - when you go to a place and feel like you've been there before, or you have an experience that you feel you've already done. You may even know what happens.
In this video I offer advice on how to work out what you may have been in previous lives by looking at your interests as a young child. There can often be clues there that can help you to realise what you need to continue in this life.
In this video I explain how remembering a past life event which was the root cause of a fear or phobia can actually heal it. It is not necessary to relive anything traumatic, and this is an effective method for moving past feelings that are debilitating and preventing you from living the way you want to.
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Sometimes my clients have strong physical sensations of pain or strong emotion during a past life regression session. In this video I explain why this happens and that it is not something to be worried about. It is not harmful and disappears after the session.
This week I am answering the question that many people ask which is what happens if you do a past life regression and don't like what you find. Yes sometimes discovering past lives can be confronting and you discover things you've done that you're not proud of.
Video number 17 covers the question of whether cultures and countries you are attracted to visiting can be explained by past life experiences. I give my opinion on this subject as I most definitely agree. Past life memories can also explain why a specific destination may not appeal to you because you innately know that something unpleasant has taken place there.
Hi everyone, this week I'm talking about whether it is possible to retrieve a lost talent through past life regression. I've had clients who ask me whether they can re-learn a skill they have had before. This is possible but not necessarily easy, unless it's something that's part of their current life purpose.
In this video I'm addressing something that certainly comes up often enough to make me realise it was worth mentioning in my video series. It appears that many people have never had an earth life before and when you think about it, why would Earth be the only school?
This is my last video in the series of most commonly asked questions about past life regression. I have left this topic until last because it's important to understand some of the content of my earlier videos. People are often asking me whether its possible to visit a future life and ask me to take them there.