Who is it for?

Anyone who would like to have the ultimate in empowering past, current and future life spiritual experiences in a sacred location where the energy creates an amazing environment for self-discovery and personal growth.

Who is it not for?

  • Those who are not open to doing the work necessary to create real change in their lives.

  • Those who do not like travelling and experiencing different cultures.

Program overview

I have teamed up with Theresa Fitzgerald, who is an expert in heart connection and multidimensional manifesting. If you want to learn how to create the life of your dreams really quickly, she can show you how to take action to manifest  your goals and desires really quickly. When combined with my skills of clearing blocks from the past and having insight into what you've achieved in the future, it is the ultimate in personal empowerment.

A limited group guided experience to an exotic sacred spiritual location, complete with past life regression, present life manifestation and future life progression sessions in high energy areas along with follow up integration and counselling to facilitate high level growth. There may also be spiritual activities specific to the location with local guides and practitioners.

Typical results

Research shows that there is more demand for spiritually-based holidays than ever before. People who are seeking to connect with their inner selves experience incredible, often life-changing results which allow them to let go and move forward positively, whilst enjoying time out in a scenic and powerful environment, away from the demands of their daily lives. My experiences will be designed to connect you to whatever you need in your life. This could be a connection to your indigenous roots, or a remembrance of lives in that particularly destination. This will enhance your understanding of this life and offer clarity around your purpose.

Structure of the tour

No two journeys will be the same, but each one will include visits to energetically powerful sites, meditation,  past life regression, multidimensional manifesting and future life progression sessions. There will also be sightseeing and connection with local spiritual guides who will teach you about the significance of the destination and what the visit can help you to achieve. These experiences may include shamanic journeying, local ceremonies, spiritual practices, hiking, interaction with indigenous cultures or any other surprise activities that show up..


Costs are based on tour destination


The next location is to be advised. Please keep an eye on the page for more information.