Susan will often be asked to speak at events, meetings and conferences. Topics covered are primarily focused on personal growth through past life regression. Life can be difficult when we can't remember our past experiences and how they affect our current behaviour. Examining past lives opens the way to letting go of anything that is holding us back. The following are her favourite topics and the takeaways to be gained.

The technique and benefits of past life regression therapy

How to access the unconscious mind and understand more about your true self. Many people don't realise they have had many past lives with each one offering a lesson of their choosing. Sometimes there are lives which are traumatic or just undesirable which we find it difficult to let go of. This could be because of past relationship issues, illnesses or injuries, poverty or starvation, fears and phobias. These experiences stay entrenched in our subconscious, and although we don't remember them, affect our current life behaviour. In this talk I explain how to recognise and remove these blocks so you can progress on your true path and find more happiness.

Takeaways -

Understanding how past lives can affect your current life.

How to recognise and remove blocks to success.

Techniques to ensure that you don't sabotage your future goals.


Avoiding repeating patterns in life

Why we sabotage our success and how to turn that around. How many times have you found yourself dating the same types of people, going for the same dead end jobs, hanging out with friends who you don't connect with properly or just spending your time feeling like there must be more? This talk focuses on why we do this and how you can turn it all around, move outside of your comfort zone and pursue what you really need and desire.

Takeaways -

Recognising when you are not being challenged enough to grow.

How to move outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Why it's important to stick with like minded people.


Finding your life purpose and having the courage to achieve it

Having the desire to find your purpose usually comes from the feeling that there must be more to life. You have everything you want but are still not happy. This talk highlights the reasons why we allow ourselves to remain stuck in our comfort zones rather than step into our true power. It will help to identify your true calling and discuss steps you can take to realise your potential and achieve the life of your dreams.

Takeaways -

How to let go of fears and other destructive emotions.

Why you haven't pursued your true calling.

Discovering what you were put on earth to achieve this time around.


Finding your Soulmate – there’s more than one

Recognising the different soulmate relationships in life. The number one thing that everyone wants to find in life is love. Many people refer to their romantic partners as "soul mates", but these are only one kind of soul connection. We actually have many soul partners in all areas of life and this fascinating talk covers the different soul mate relationships and what they do for you.

Takeaways -

Recognise where all the significant people in your life fit in.

Whether you have met your twin soul.

How to recognise a soul partner when they cross your path.

Speaker Bio

Susan McLachlan headshot

With years of experience in healing through hypnosis and past life regression therapy, coaching, speaking, writing and most importantly, her own real-life challenges, Susan has a more radical approach to helping others.  She appreciates the lessons that come along as curve balls, and knows that decisions and mistakes are not always conscious. Everyone has an unconscious mind that has all the memories of every experience from this life and past ones, as well as all the answers. It's just a matter of knowing how to access them.

Susan, sometimes referred to as the “mid-life mentor” for her ability to get to the root of a problem, helps people identify their blocks and let them go so they can pursue their life purpose. She is known for her safe, caring and nurturing approach which allows her clients to relax into the process and achieve great results. Susan's fusion of real-life stories and her sincere conversational technique connect with her audience at an intimate and individual level, leaving them in no doubt that she is following her true calling.

Her clients include young people looking for their true career path to middle aged men and women from all walks of life who are feeling they have not yet reached their full potential, and others who are just curious to discover more about themselves and what makes them the way they are.

Susan has had the opportunity to speak at meetings, conferences and on radio. She continues to spread the word on the power of past life regression to audiences of all ages.






Peter Giesemann


I have heard Sue McLachlan speak on a number of occasions.
What draws you in is her gentle, confident manner. What blows
you away is her depth of knowledge and her ability to convey her
message in a clear and caring way.
Sue has an aura of peace and wisdom which adds a lovely energy
to any gathering.

Peter Giesemann
Founder – Musically Speaking Inc