Listed below are some testimonials from clients who have worked with me in a private session.

“I wanted to find out what connection I had with a certain person, and so I had a regression with Sue.

I came out of the mist and the first sensation was sand under my feet. As I looked down my long black hair fell and I saw I was a young Asian girl about 12 years of age. I was wearing soft, silky harem type clothes and was barefooted. I was playing with two other girls my age. One I recognised as my daughter in this life time and the other was my friend this lifetime. I giggled, Sue asked what was so funny and I said "he is a girl!"

Beside me was a beautiful tent lined with rich silks that hung from the ceiling and around the walls. Furs, gold and silver were in the tent. When I was asked where my parents were I answered, “I don't have any parents, I have an owner!”  When I looked into the eyes of this huge richly dressed Genghis Khan type person, I was taken by surprise as this was my mother in this lifetime.

I had the impression that the three of us girls had been taken in a raid a few years before and we were going to be sold soon, as concubines!  Suddenly there was a commotion outside and we saw raiders riding into the camp. I gathered my friends and pushed them into the tent but I was scooped up and thrown upon the horse by a man and taken away. I felt as though I had been stolen again!

Sue then took me forward about 10 yrs. I had a son and two daughters to the man who took me. On questioning, I explained that he had rescued me. My husband was my father now and my son, my sister in this lifetime. I was very happy for the rest of that life. Although I never saw my friends again, I died peacefully surrounded by my husband, children and grandchildren. I felt very peaceful passing, and I learned from that lifetime to always be positive, help others and all will be well.”

Elizabeth Barnes, Toowoomba, Queensland

A big thank you, Sue, for having assisted me successfully in moving forward big time, after I had a Performance Enhancement session with you in February this year.

Not only am I more motivated now to start my own business, but I am finally taking action which has been a long time coming. Sue, you have helped shift my thought and belief patterns, for which I am extremely grateful.

You are an excellent, conscientious and inspiring person and Hypnotherapist who comes from integrity and who walks the talk. I would recommend you as a skilled Hypnotherapist any time without hesitation, and I wish you every success in your career. You so much deserve it.

Fridelle Stanyer, Sunshine Coast Queeensland

"On the path to my soul/self discovery today I undertook past life regression therapy, guided by Sue McLachlan a well trained hypnotherapist who is passionate about helping people on the road to understanding their life purpose. I initially wanted a couple of things out of this session, a clearer understanding of the relationships I have with certain people in my current life and what is my life purpose.

I can say that the discovery was overwhelmingly emotional and it makes soooo much sense and explains my many deja vu feelings. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  It is a little like opening Pandora's box, I can see things and patterns in my soul journey and only having visited two past lives today, I feel I have enough insight to not repeat the pattern from the past with one very significant relationship. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who feels stuck or maybe just needs a better understanding of the Why in their lives."

Meryke McKeown, Brisbane, Queensland

Sue facilitated a past life regression for me several years ago.  I felt relaxed with Sue who is a very caring person with her client's best interests at heart.  I was seeking answers to a problem I was having with a family member at the time.  Sue was able to help me regress into a past life where I was with that family member again in a different relationship.  Through this regression I was able to understand why I had a difficulty with this person in my current life.  Having this understanding helped me to forgive and move forward with my life.

I thank Sue for her help. I would highly recommend Sue as a Past Life Regression Therapist.

Nicola Gifford

I had a past life regression with Susan McLachlan a few months ago and I found her to be kind and friendly but also very confident and professional.  The outcome of the past life regression helped me immensely to understand issues which were happening in my present life, connections with people I had previously met and also recurring patterns in my life.  I would highly recommend Sue to anyone considering trying past life regression to improve their quality of life.

Lynette Stronge, Light and Life Essences

I met Sue a few years ago at Omega Institute during a Brian Weiss training for past life regression. Since meeting her, she has lead me through several regressions. She has assisted me in resolving many issues that were affecting my current life that stemmed from events that occurred in past lives. She is an excellent facilitator, so kind and patient. She is truly gifted. She intuitively asks the right questions to further guidance and increase understanding. I am so thankful to have her in my life, again.

Angela Bober, Dyer, Indiana

I have attended several of Sue’s Meetup group sessions and have also had a private session with her.  As a facilitator she is first class and her protective nurturing nature makes everyone feel safe. I have seen some fascinating results in other people during these group sessions and have had some important insights of my own. As for my private session, I was amazed at how much information I was able to receive when working one on one and it all made so much sense to me. In fact it was very comforting to discover that we never really part forever and that our soul journey continues. Sue is professional but full of heart and passionate about what she does which is reflected in everything she does.

Judy Burkitt-Jones, Drysdale, Victoria