Who is it for?

  • Innovative creators, change makers, conscious entrepreneurs and future leaders who are looking to dive deeper into their purpose, clear blocks and bring forth the gifts they can use to make a positive impact on humanity.

  • Those who love to travel and want to experience the power and influence of high vibrational destinations on their personal growth.

Who is it not for?

  • Those who are not open to doing the work necessary to create real change in their lives.

  • Those who do not like travelling and experiencing different cultures.

  • Those who find it difficult to surrender to new methods and opportunities.

Program overview

This program offers cutting edge internal and external guided travel experiences to high vibrational destinations. These powerful journeys are offered as gatherings, half day local experiences through to longer Australian and overseas adventures. Travelling into past, present, future and beyond through human consciousness supports participants to remember, activate their higher purpose and gifts, and understand the bigger vision of what they’re really here to do. Bringing the unconscious to the conscious and connecting with the superconscious brings forward the hidden knowledge and innovations that are going to make a greater impact for themselves and future generations.

I have teamed up with Theresa Fitzgerald, a modern day alchemist and divine messenger who facilitates powerful personal transformation by tuning into universal intelligence to deliver results that are beyond what the mind thinks is possible. She has more than two decades of experience in teaching self awareness, emotional and intuitive intelligence and has the rare ability to effect rapid life-changing personal breakthroughs for her clients that set them on the highest path to their ultimate soul’s mission.

Typical results

People who are seeking to connect with their inner selves can experience incredible, often life-changing results which allow them to let go and move forward positively, whilst enjoying time out in a scenic and powerful environment, away from the demands of their daily lives. The unique combination of skills offered by Theresa and myself align beautifully to create powerful shifts and instant manifestation that leaves our clients empowered and confident to take the steps necessary to move to a new level of achievement.

Structure of the experiences

No two journeys will be the same, but each one will include visits to energetically powerful sites, where we will work intuitively with the energy of the environment, drawing on our specific modalities to create the most impactful results. This may be enhanced with interaction from local guides who will teach more about the significance of the destination and offer further insightful advice.


Costs are based on type, duration and destination.


The next location is to be advised. Please keep an eye on this page or connect with our Facebook page for more information.

Local events will be listed on the Events page.